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Queens men involved in fatal cesspool accident in Jamaica, NY. It appears the families may need a NY Injury Lawyer

Workers at Royal Waste Service, Inc., a sewage plant on Douglas Ave. in Jamaica NY, were trying to unclog an 18 foot deep cesspool. They did not know that the cesspool was leaking poisonous gas into the air. Royal Waste Service, Inc. had hired the workers from S. Dahan Sewer Specialists to unclog their drains. Queens County Police report that 23 year old Harel Dahan fell into the cesspool while he was trying to unclog it. His father, Shlomo Dahan, 49, climbed in after his son to save him. After a few minutes, a coworker Rene Francisco Rivas, 52, climb down the hole to see what had happened to the two. When the three did not emerge, fire fighters were called. Fire fighters had to wear protective suits to retrieve the bodies. Official reports say that the hole was full of poison hydrogen sulfide and the three were quickly overcome by the poisonous gas.

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