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Sanitation Worker Killed Reports a New York Injury Lawyer

One city sanitation worker was working with two others picking up trash when he was trapped between the truck and a retaining wall. New York Injury Lawyers report that police and medical personnel arrived on the scene f the accident and that the victim was rushed to the hospital. Doctors attempted to save the man’s life, however, the injuries were fatal.

New York Injury Lawyers may be needed as the man’s last words according to his co-workers was about his kids and his family. The firm of Steve Bilkis and Associates can be reached at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW. The young man was only twenty-four when he was attempting to direct the driver of the garbage truck. Somehow he managed to get caught between the truck and the retaining wall thus suffering fatal injuries. No criminal charges have been filed associated with the accident but the investigation continues.

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