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Serious Intentional Injuries on the Ice should result in big lawsuits Says a New York Injury Attorney

New York Islander Chris Simon is suspended a New York injury lawyer thinks he should be sued and arrested. Chris Simon in a brutal assault against New York Rangers Ryan Hollweg. The vicious slash happened while the New York Islanders were playing the New York Rangers in Nassau County at the Coliseum. Simon took his stick and swung at Hollweg connecting with his chin and jaw. Hollweg was lucky and he narrowly escaped serious injury as a result of this assault. However, blood was streaming from Hollweg’s face and on to his white New York Ranger jersey.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice is looking into this to determine if criminal charges will be filed. The New York injury lawyer thinks both criminal charges and a civil suit against Simon should be brought, and include punitive damages. This would go a long way the cleaning up hockey and setting a better example for our kids than allowing dangerous attacks to occur.

We are unaware of Simon offering a personal apology. Simon has been a notorious enforcer for years in the NHL but never has stepped so for over the line to put some in jeopardy of a permenant injury. This blow to Hollweg’s face could have lead to either a serious neck or head injury. the power behind this slash was herculian and deserves the stiffest of penalties the NHL can muster says this New York Injury Lawyer

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