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Ship’s Captain and engineer killed by giant wave, one officer injured


A huge wave struck the Aegean Angel, a US Coast Guard ship floating 150 miles off of the island of Bermuda. The wave came swiftly and suddenly as the ship’s Captain and an engineer were on deck to check the ships condition after severe weather had done some damage. 

According to reports obtained by the NYC Injury Lawyer, both the ship’s Captain and the engineer were immediately killed by the massive wall of water and a Deputy Captain was injured. The US Coast Guard airlifted the injured man to a hospital in Bermuda via helicopter, where he was later reported to be in stable condition and awaiting the arrival of his father. 

It was explained to the New York Injury Lawyer that the Deputy Captain had sustained serious injuries to the neck, face and chest, but that he was expected to make a full recovery. Services for the Captain and the engineer who were tragically killed were in the planning stages at the time of the report. 

Reports stated that the situation was handled with expediency and valor in the case of the injured man, and there was much sorrow expressed in regards to the unexpected death of the two men on board the ship who lost their lives. Such tragic natural occurrences cannot be predicted, nor can they be avoided. A new Captain has been assigned to the ship and increased training is being provided in case such an event should occur in the future. 

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