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Texting Bus Driver Convicted, Reports New York Injury Lawyer


A bus driver crashed his bus because he was texting – and it was all caught on videotape. He caused an accident on Loop 410, according to a New York Injury Lawyer, and he is now the first person in Bexar County to be convicted of reckless driving due to texting.

The jury was out for only ten minutes before returning with a guilty misdemeanor verdict for the 29-year-old bus driver who may spend up to 30 days in jail when he is sentenced, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer.

He has requested probation, but the judge in charge of the case would like this case to set an example to all who might consider texting while driving. She would like to see jail time imposed.

“This is setting a community standard,” the judge said after the verdict to a New York Injury Lawyer. “Don’t do this. You need to resist the temptation (to pick up the cell phone). It’s very dangerous.”

The bus had two disabled passengers aboard when it hit the back of an SUV at 34 mph.

During the trial, the prosecutor played footage from the inside of the bus, which showed the accident as it occurred. It also showed that the driver had been checking text messages on his phone for six minutes before the wreck occurred.

“When traffic built up at its worst, he was still texting,” the prosecutor argued. “Six minutes is a long time to have a phone in your hand – looking down, looking up, looking down, looking up.”

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