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The Tragic story of a car accident in Suffolk County New York as a police officer is hit as told by a NewYork Injury Lawyer


A car accidentoccurred on February twenty-third, 2009.

On Monday night, an officer was struck by a car as he directed traffic in Yaphank. The officer, who was not named, was assigned to patrol the traffic after a previous crash occurred involving a school bus. From about two miles south of the school bus accident, the victim was hit by a car. The accident happened close to Everett Drive and Main Street. It has been learned that the cop suffered a serious injury to his back but further details were not released.

The driver of the vehicle has not yet been named by police. After the incident occurred, the officer was relocated to Stony Brook University Medical Center. There he was treated for serious back damage.

The officer is not the only one to be hit in Suffolk within the last three days. While in his car, officer Glen Ciano was hit as well. On February twenty-second, a drunken driver smashed into his patrol car killing Ciano.

Any person involved in serious car accidents should hire a New York Injury Lawyer to protect his or her legal rights. Both victims in these cases were suffered horribly. A good New York Injury Lawyer can help the victms and their families put their lives togetherill be able to help defend your rights including money for damages.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its injury lawyers, has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including New York, NY. Our Personal Injury attorneys can provide you with advice to guide you in situations where an injury resulted because of anothers negligence. Without a New York injury attorney you may not preserve your precious rights that may cost you dearly in the future. At Stephen Bilkis and Associates we are happy to provide a Criminal Lawyer in your Injury Law Case if that is something that is appropriate.

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