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Big Settlement in Wrongful Police Shooting, says a New York Injury Lawyer


Though instances of wrongful shootings that end in fatality are relatively rare, from time to time the police department does find itself in some hot water because of these type of occurrences. The city has just settled a wrongful death case involving police officers, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. There were three victims total in the shooting, with as many as five police officers opening fire on unarmed men, who were in a car. The shooting was especially tragic as the man who was killed was pronounced dead the day he was to be married.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, one of the police officers thought he saw one of the men in possession of a firearm, and he believed that the men were trying to run him down in their car. At that point he and the other police officers opened fire. The two other men in the car, who both survived, were also shot, one eleven times and the other three.

The total settlement to be paid out to the victims and their families is about $7 million. $3.25 million will go to the family of the man who was shot, as he had two daughters with the woman he was about to marry. The man shot eleven times will receive $3 million, and the third man will receive $900,000, reported a New York Injury Lawyer. It was an unfortunate case with a terrible outcome, although it appears that justice has finally been served.

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