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Man suing hospital ends up in their ER, says a New York Injury Lawyer


Working outside of a hospital is no doubt a wonderful situation for anyone selling coffee, but it appears that a local man has had some difficulties with the institution, though they are now giving him the best care possible. A coffee vendor was recently hospitalized after fainting in front of a hospital, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The interesting aspect of the story is that the man is currently in a legal battle with the hospital over the placement of his coffee cart.

The hospital has been fighting the man over having his cart sit in front of the hospital, but the man recently won an injunction to allow the cart to stay until the case is resolved, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The man has been selling coffee in front of the hospital since 1995, and it is his primary means of employment. He has told reporters that he came to America for opportunity, and he found it in the coffee cart, which he has no desire to give up.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, the hospital does not yet know why the man collapsed and they are running more tests. The man feels uncomfortable in the hospital, as if he is behind enemy lines. The only explanation the hospital has given is that the collapse may have been a result of too much sun, a claim his family disputes as he has worked out in the sun since 1995 without any other collapses.

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