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Doctor Accused in Sex-For-Pills Sting


A Hilltown, PA, doctor stands accused of prescribing medication to patients in exchange for sexual favors, sources told a New York Injury Attorney. The same doctor is also facing allegations in a malpractice suit for his alleged role in the suicide of a local police detective.

On Thursday, the accused doctor exercised his rights and chose to waive a preliminary hearing, after which he was ordered to stand trial and face the charges that have been laid against him. The charges were placed as a result of a police department investigation involving both undercover officers and informants, a Staten Island Personal Injury Lawyer learned.

The investigation into the doctor’s alleged pills-for-sex activities began as a result of an unrelated investigation. One of these investigations involved a drug-dealing pimp, and the other involved instances of drug smuggling into the women’s prison. By combining the information from both investigations, police were able to begin a different investigation, which resulted in the charges being filed against the doctor.

As stated previously, criminal charges are not the only legal problems currently besieging the doctor. A malpractice lawsuit was filed against him in March 2010 by the attorney who represents the widow of a police officer who was under the doctor’s care before committing suicide.

According to the sources who spoke with a New York Wrongful Death Lawyer, the head detective of the Upper Gwynedd police department had missed work for approximately three months due to having had shoulder surgery. He visited the doctor, who was his doctor of record at that time, due to some anxiety that he was feeling due to returning to work with a different police chief. The doctor allegedly not only prescribed the detective allergy and sleep medication, but also Xanax. One of Xanaxes known side effects is for the patient to have suicidal thoughts.

The initial Xanax dosage that was prescribed to the detective was 1 mg a day. Over the course of the next month, the dosage was increased to 8 mg a day, which according to the widow’s attorney is “an extraordinary amount.”

As of this writing, no trial date has yet been set for either case.

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