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Florida man hits car and bicyclist while driving under the influence, reported by New York Injury Lawyer


Most states have adopted .08 as the point at which blood alcohol content is considered illegal if you are driving. Anything in excess of .08% is considered highly dangerous and is grounds for a DWI or an arrest. Someone should have told one Florida man about this legal limit before he got behind the wheel and was pulled over, blowing a whopping .25 on his breathalyzer test after he hit a bicyclist and another car with his vehicle. 

According to reports obtained by the NYC Injury Lawyer, the man hit the bumper of a car while driving and did not stop. The driver of the car followed the man and called police. When police arrived, the man, who was obviously inebriated, admitted to drinking two pitchers of beer, a six pack and several shots before getting behind the wheel. He also admitted that he thought he might have hit someone on a bicycle but he wasn’t sure, since he was drunk. 

The New York Injury Lawyer cited that indeed someone did call the police saying that they had been struck by a moving vehicle while they were on a bicycle, but that person refused to press charges, citing that they were drunk and tired themselves and did not think that it was worth pursuing, since no injuries were sustained in the hit and run. 

The driver of the vehicle was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, but so far no other action has been taken and no other charges have been filed against him. Luckily, everyone involved in this incident walked away without injury.

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