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Guidance Counselor offers little guidance, say New York Injury Lawyer


It appears that the most important role of a guidance counselor, to give guidance and some help or direction to a student, has been seriously failed. A guidance counselor working at a local school was recently reprimanded for inappropriate remarks made on a phone call, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. The counselor was approached by the mother of a boy at her school who was being bullied. A follow up call that was apparently intended for someone else showed the true feelings of the counselor, who insulted the child and implied that he exaggerated things that were happening in school.

The mother of the boy was also called vulgar names and insulted, and after she listened to the call, she reported the counselor to the school. According to a New York Injury Lawyer it was the first incident in the guidance counselor’s otherwise clean career. The counselor was given a letter of reprimand by the principal at the school, but no further action has yet taken place.

The mother believes that the counselor has gotten off with too light a sentence, as she and her son had gone to her in need of help, and their trust was betray. A New York Injury Lawyer said that the mother believed the counselor should no longer be allowed to offer guidance at the school. It can only be hoped by parents at the school will not have their own children misguided by the counselor, and parents everywhere hope that this nightmare situation does not happen at their own school.

Emotional injuries are just as harmful as the physical ones. When someone puts their trust in a counselor, the last thing they expect is for that trained professional to take advantage of their vulnerability. A New York Injury Attorney can help you bring charges against a professional that has hurt you in a mental or emotional way. Call and schedule a meeting with a New York Injury Attorney today, and get the justice that you deserve.

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