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In Denver, Reporter settles harassment lawsuit against former doctor


A 9News reporter based out of Denver, Colorado settled her lawsuit against a former doctor. The details of the settlement are private.

According to the original lawsuit, the reporter filed the suit against the former Children’s Hospital doctor after he threatened her reputation and her son. They meant on a singles website. She declined a second date with him in January 2010, which led to harassing messages.

She was suing the doctor for defamation and emotional distress. She still has a permanent protection order against the doctor that she won April 2010, a New York Injury Lawyer pointed out.

Her lawsuit said that he had called her place of employment several times telling lies about her and her life. Another woman has come forward stating the doctor also harassed her. It is unclear if she has filed a lawsuit.

The reporter’s lawsuit was not the only lawsuit the doctor had to worry about. Even though the woman’s lawsuit has been suited, he still faces charges. In September 2010, he was arrested for writing over 650 prescriptions. It became clear that the prescriptions were aliases that the doctor either made up or stole, explained a NYC Injury Lawyer.

His lawyer stated that the 20,000 pills were not sold. The doctor popped all of the pills. He reportedly even consumed around 60 Hydrocodone pills a day. The doctor is out on bail. The drug possession case against him is continuing in court. He voluntarily gave up his medical license. He does not work at the Children’s Hospital anymore.

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