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Police Employee faces repeat DUI charges this year


A local city employee has faced two DWI charges and other troubles this year. Other filed charges included driving while impaired, negligent driving, failure to stop to avoid an accident and failure to stop for an arresting officer. New York Injury Lawyers said the suspect, who works for the local police department might very lose his job after these charges.

The suspect was stopped for speeding Nov. 27 at 1 a.m., at a public park. The arresting officer allegedly smelled strong alcohol on the suspect and concluded he was legally drunk after a sobriety test. The suspect was later taken to the police station and released on bail after several hours in a holding cell.

The same man was involved in a similar incident as recently as August 17. While driving down a small side street, the man collided with another car and was left with only minor injuries according to reports from the local hospital. N York Injury Lawyers said a trial regarding these charges is set for later this year.

The suspect’s charges are all under internal investigation according to the mayor of the city where he is employed. “The city will be taking appropriate action once the investigation is complete,” he said.

No one could not be reached for comment but most speculate that the employee will lose his job or be placed on probation with a temporary suspension. Police employees declined to comment on the subject and the status of the case.

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