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Jury believes detectives followed proper protocol


After a very short deliberation, a jury ruled in favor of former police detectives who were fired for allegedly violating the civil rights of a man and his girlfriend.

The man and his girlfriend sued the city and several police officers claiming they had a conspiracy to obtain illegal search warrants and strategically placed drugs in his home back in 2005, explained a New York Injury Lawyer. Most of the officers had been dismissed from the suit with the exception these two who were still under investigation until now.

The jury believed that the officers followed standard protocol and that the cocaine that was found in the plaintiff’s apartment was not planted.

“We’re very pleased with the jury’s verdict,” said the attorney who represented the defendants,” and added, “The relatively short deliberations would seem to indicate that they did not lend credence to the plaintiffs’ claims that these two men violated their civil rights.”

Both officers have tried to get their jobs back but have to face long deliberations and complained that this incident has completely ruined their reputations and their character in the eyes of many. In response to the case and its verdict, the mayor of the city commented about the high cost of the trial.

“It’s unfortunate when I think about the amount of dollars, taxpayers’ dollars, that were spent on this,” Mayor of the city said to NYC Injury Lawyers. “I’m obviously ecstatic with the outcome. It’s the way I think we expected it all along. But unfortunately, it just shows that when you go to trial it’s very expensive.”

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