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New York City Check Points Force Some Tour Buses Off the Road


After a serious tour bus crash in New York City that killed 15 passengers, the New York Department of Transportation set up random check points throughout Manhattan to inspect buses and to ensure that driver’s were qualified and able to drive safely. Qualifications included proper licensing and certification, states a Manhattan Injury Attorney. Drivers are also not allowed to drive over specified amounts of time.

During check point stops, police forced ten buses to stop service for not meeting safety regulations, four buses because of improper driver licensing and an additional five buses because the driver had been driving over the recommended time limit. In total, 36 buses were checked for safety and other violations.

It has been suggested that tour bus companies have become lax in following state mandated laws pertaining to the operation of tour buses. While bus companies can replace buses or bus drivers at their discretion, they apparently were not doing so on a regular basis, points out a New York Injury Lawyer. After a tragic bus accident like the one that happened a few weeks ago, increased attention will be paid to tour buses to ensure that all passengers arrive safely to their destinations. Bus companies will have to inspect their fleet to make improvements and hire additional drivers if necessary to comply with state and local laws.

Bus travel is a popular form of transportation for those visiting new cities or those traveling to visit family or for business, claims a NYC Injury Attorney. Providing safe buses with drivers that can remain alert is a priority. Additional check points may be set up in the future to ensure that changes to tour buses are made.

It is unclear if fines or warnings were issued at these check points. Those traveling on buses that were taken out of service had to wait for replacement buses. This may have caused many to be late arriving at their destination. It is unknown how many passengers were inconvenienced by the check points. Learning more about the safety record of tour bus companies may help future passengers avoid having to switch buses at a check point.

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