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Seventeen Fired Shots and a Car Accident Near Possibly Related Reports New York Injury Lawyer


A ShotSpotter, which is basically a detection system for identifying gunshot shot sounds notified police that seventeen shots had been fired shortly after dark recently. Police were in route to respond to and investigate the gunshots when the officers located two vehicles that had collided and one of the automobiles was apparently abandoned. New York Injury Lawyers offer help for individuals who suffer in situations just like this.

According to authorities, one of the vehicles crossed over the double yellow line and collided head-on with a second vehicle. Then, three male suspects fled from the vehicle ad are assumed to be responsible for the crash. The occupant of the other vehicle did suffer minor injuries and should definitely give the New York Injury Lawyers a call to set up a consultation.

After investigating the car accidents, authorities found multiple shell casings in the area but no one reported injuries or property damage from the shooting. New York Injury Lawyers report that authorities suspect that the shooting and the crash are related and are working to confirm the connection.

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