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Truck Driver Avoids Car, Saves Lives, then Dies


Driving. A cathartic activity for most. An activity that carried with it potential danger but a danger that most of us manage to avoid in our lives. And on one particular day that horror that followed from a simple driving mistake is almost unimaginable, says a New York Injury Lawyer. A terrible chain reaction lead to the eventual death of a man. What happened is this: a man was driving his car while his girlfriend sat in the passengers seat. Somehow, and no one is exactly sure how but they know it happened, his car stalled. He was unable to turn the wheel yet the car continued forward. It was then that he first his another car, notes a New York Injury Lawyer. This was the first link in the chain.

What happened next was a haunting terror that follows the man to this very day. A massive truck carrying fuel came barreling down towards him, with just a few seconds and feet separating the two from death. The trucker veered off to the side, to avoid hitting the man’s stalled car, reports a New York Injury Attorney. Witnesses say the truck driver surely saved lives with his action. But he did not save his own. His truck flipped, spilling fuel everywhere, and then a huge explosion followed. The trucker was trapped in his truck as he literally began to burn alive, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The smell of flesh was everywhere. The trucked escaped but it was too little too late and he died at the hospital.

A day that started like every other, ending like no other.

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